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CH Bus Sales appreciates your interest in our products and your visit to our website.  CH Bus Sales makes it a primary objective to safeguard your privacy.  It is important for us to protect any of the personal information you may provide.  If CH Trading website has links to other sites, these sites may not be covered by this privacy statement.

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Photo Disclaimer and Product Specification

Any photos, pictures or graphics on this site are not guaranteed or represented to be accurate.  The photos, pictures or graphics my no longer be available to our visitors and/or the condition of the said vehicles may not be the same as when posted on this website.  Any developing transactions related to the gathering of information on this website by a visitor or customer should be verified in person with an officer or sales representative of CH Bus Sales.  If you are interested in any product or service that CH Bus Sales may have to offer via this website or otherwise and may be unsure of the specification or availability, please contact a CH Bus Sales representative for more information.  From time to time some of the photo or specification on this website may contain or be generic in nature and thus making it important to contact us directly.


CH Bus Sales is committed to protecting your privacy. We would like to use the information collected from this website for better understanding of our market segment, our products, customer surveys and future needs.  At any point in time should you not consent to the use of your information provided on this website please contact our legal department at 1-877-85-TEMSA to express your concerns.  Upon written request CH Bus Sales will inform you in writing what personal information we have in our possession as is require by the presiding state.  Your visitation and use of this website constitutes consent to all terms herein and privacy policy.