California Bus Association (CBA) 44th Annual Convention & Trade Show

The professionals at CH Bus Sales are dedicated to staying on the cutting edge in all aspects of the MotorCoach industry. This means venturing beyond our headquarters in Las Vegas and networking with like-minded professionals in the industry. Our frequent and regular participation in trade shows and conventions around the country allows us to monitor the status of the industry and stay on top of new trends. We are better equipped to serve our customers in every capacity due to the knowledge gained and the business relationships forged with some of the most respected names in the industry.

CH Bus Sales representatives will be attending the 2017 California Bus Association 44th Annual Convention & Trade Show. The event gives partner members and invited guests three days to network with new players in the industry, enhance existing business relationships with fellow invitees, and discuss possibilities for future mutually beneficial business relationships with some of the leaders in the luxury coach market sector. The scheduled events and group discussions are designed to educate members on changes in the industry and to foster strong relationships to help strengthen all members in the luxury coach buses for sale business.

California Bus Association (CBA) 44th Annual Convention & Trade Show CH Bus Sales

Since, 1969, the California Bus Association has given MotorCoach companies a venue to pursue excellence in the industry. Our dedicated members work together to provide information that assists all operators, large and small, in their daily business success.

California Bus Association Convention 2017

The California Bus Association is a resource and offers members information on compliance with regulatory agencies – the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Environmental Protection Agency, California Highway Patrol, Department of Motor Vehicles, Air Resources Board and others.

CBA monitors all legislative issues that could impact the industry and works closely with the government entities to achieve realistic results on behalf of its members.
Staying ahead of the technology curve is important to the professionals at CH Bus Sales. We are always looking for ways to stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to innovation in the luxury motor coach industry. To help us achieve that goal, representatives from CH Bus Sales in Las Vegas will attend the CBA 44th Annual Convention and Trade Show October 15 thru 17th, 2017.

This annual trade show offers a meeting place for private company owners and operators. Attending this event allows us to network with our peers in the industry and exchange ideas with like-minded professionals on providing excellent service. While there, we will have a chance to learn all about innovations in design technology that are shaping the future of the coach bus sales industry.

Experts in the industry will be on hand to conduct seminars on such topics as the management of transit technology, the importance of adhering to a social strategy, electric vehicle implementation, improving driver safety and much more. We believe it is important to keep a finger on the pulse of the used charter buses for sale industry so we can better serve our customers. We do our homework so we can be confident that we are providing our customers with the most updated and relevant information available at any time. Networking with the biggest names in the industries allows us to expand our reach and stay current on the latest trends in the MotorCoach industry.

“This is your one-stop shopping experience for all things motorcoach related…from exquisite new motorcoaches to a wide variety of products and services to help you keep your wheels in motion. Attendees will enjoy delicious desserts, great products and networking with industry representatives.”┬áCalifornia Bus Association (CBA) 44th Annual Convention & Trade Show. This is the 2017 convention schedule.

We attend conventions to pass on our expertise to every current or potential customer with the need to sell or buy a motor coach or used tour buses for sale through a trusted dealer.